Monday, June 29, 2009

Next Song!

Back from a great vacation in Worcester, MA! I had a great time, and it was entirely due to all of my great friends there and the sick events and activities that everyone was so continually engaged in! This is because the weather completely sucked! Rain every single day without fail, usually for the majority of the day. Insanity. Anyway, back on my grind in Troy, getting work done at Ecovative, and in my spare time finishing up a partslist for the beta prototype of the productioin model of my pocket amp. I want to get all the controls and inputs on one side, as well as allow for parallel linking to the headphone outputs. This is interesting because when audio lines are tied in parallel, they act as both inputs, outputs, and mixers! This is really cool because it can allow for a number of really awesome situations if the impedances of the devices attached don't affect one another adversely. A few examples of why this is a great addition to my design:
  • Two users can listen to one guitar through seperate headphones
  • A user can listen to the amp, while simultaneously using it as a preamp for laptop recording.
  • Two pocket amps can be linked to eachother so that two performers can hear eachother.
  • A performer can play electric guitar over their favorite songs from an iPod, tape deck, or cd player.
Radical! All this value is added by simply attaching 3 jumper wires and another headphone jack! Here's a teaser of a few dimensionally accurate modeled components in the enclosure I'm plannin on using. (I had to model it to be sure everything would fit before I wasted a precious $10, and believe me it was worth it! Many of my first choice components just wouldn't fit.) More details as details arise!


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