Sunday, June 21, 2009


I've been back in Worcester for a day and already I'm exhausted! Yesterday I cleaned the gutters for my parents, and went down to the Fuck Yea Center (FYC for short), a punk rock skateboard junk store in Worcester run by my brother, Pat Scully. I set up shop in the back with a table for doing soldering and all my tools and components. I'm looking to create a regulated 8V power supply for a series of effects pedals, and headphone amps. As prototyping will probably take forever, I don't want to have to buy a billion 9V batteries, so I decided an AC adapter of 8 V should do me fine. After that, there was a show at the Collective-a-Go-Go, where a number of amazing bands played amazing sets. White Crime and Best Friends Forever were truly remarkable! Then I went skinny-dipping in a pond with a bunch of my friends.
Today is Maura Curtin's birthday! Maura was a good friend of mine who passed away last March. She was the most charismatic and beautiful person I've ever met, and is missed more than anything. So in memory and celebration of her excellence, Worcester is throwing a party at Ralph's Diner and Bar tonight, where my friends and I will play music, drink, and be merry. There was also a bicycle ride planned for today, but it seems that it has been canceled, or rather postponed until next Sunday, due to wetness. Happy Birthday Maura! I miss you so much!

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