Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wireless USB Cable System

Inspired by the work of Pete (, I decided to try and hack apart a Cables Unlimited Wireless USB Dongle set, mount the device dongle innards in an enclosure, and run it off of batteries instead of a wall-wart. The intended use of this device, like pete's, was originally for wireless tethering of the camera to my computer for various purposes. However, I now can use this little black box to make nearly any of my USB powered peripherals wireless! Let's take a look at whats inside:

So the device was designed to be able to be run off of the internal battery supply (4 AAA's in Series ~6 V which will drop to about 4.5 V at the end of their life), or a 5V Wall Wart regulated supply, for uses where longer power life is required. I also wanted the female USB-A adapter to be accessible so that it could be used for multiple purposes. The device can mount to the bottom of my Nikon D40 with the 1/4-20 bolt and nut set that I have supplied the unit, and the opposite mating set is replicated at the bottom so that a tripod could be used.

A tripod can mount to this side. The device plugs into this port.

This side mounts to the bottom of the camera. The barrel connector was left in place so that it could be powered by an AC adapter!

The device works, my camera is now free of wires but not free of control / communication with my computer! The form factor is nice, doesn't get in the way at all, but the range is a bit limited (maybe about 25 feet). I have a few ideas about how to make them better, and will probably update this project when and if I come around to making them.

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