Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Casper Electronics Echo Bender

Hey readers! I've been hard at work on the website and products I'm selling! I've got a new DIY page up on the site that will give free tutorials on how to make everything I sell as well as general production techniques and knowledge base I've picked up in the past and future months. One of things I've been really excited about today is that the first orders of headphone / preamps from the site shipped! I'll update all of this soon (tomorrow) with some more details. For now, please check out my friends over at casperelectronics and check out the hot new enclosure we cooked up for you with the Echo Bender V2!

Doesn't that look sick!?

These pedals are incredible. I love range of sounds you can get from them. These should go on pre-order soon for $300. Details at Casperelectronics.