Sunday, July 5, 2009

Business As Unusual

Success and Adventures! The last week has been so eventful, that I couldn't even find the time to blog about it. I know! Finished up a long overdue project for Ecovative Design, rode my bike a lot, and even got a break from the rain enough to get a bit of a sunburn. I had excellent visitors over the week, who made delicious food, touching music, and enjoyable conversation. Life's real good.


The 4th passed with a great many explosions which I viewed from an incredibly short distance in Albany, where the crowd was treated to some up-close-and-personal fireworks in Empire State Plaza. (The fireworks were actually going off within the space enclosed by the surrounding buildings.) Bike Polo was a blast, and the consecutive rides to and from Albany have reminded me that I need to start training more for distance cycling.

Bike Polo: As Fun As It Is Difficult

I put together an order for the headphone amp project, and the production components should be arriving tomorrow, so I'll be able to see very soon if my CAD model predictions are really up to snuff. I also want to figure out the details behind creating a photo-etching station for the mass manufacturing of the headphone amp PCB's (Printed Circuit Boards). This will surely prove to be an interesting and potentially caustic / carcinogenic endeavor, as the station will expose treated copper-plated silicon boards with intense UV light, and then I will be submersing these boards in acid. More Updates on this to come! Here's a PCB I've laid out, but haven't made or tested yet:



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