Saturday, July 25, 2009

Impression Felt

Oh it's such a beautiful day
And all the stars will be coming out tonight
And there's so much I want to say to you
But I know that it won't come out right
But you and I are tied in some way
In fact, we might be one in the same
Instead of individuals maybe we're just tentacles
In some fifth-dimensional squid or something...

But when I'm sitting across from you
I can feel it spinning, can you feel it too?
It's nice to know that we were born to die
I can't explain it, but you know I'll try
Wait, hold on, I'll try
Look at the sky we agree it's blue!
But what I see as blue might be red to you
We call it the same because we talk
Do we think the same because we talk?
Or maybe we think in similar ways
Because of whats in our DNA
But either way it don't explain
why our families think we're strange

I think it strange to say that we're alone
When we're so many different people everyday
In your head I bet there's a whole town's worth of folk
Please listen to what they each have to say
I hope that tomorrow's better than today.
And I hope the best is saved for the day after that.
But the day after that day I hope that it rains.
Because the good aint good unless you get the bad.

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