Sunday, July 19, 2009

Website Skeletons

It's official, Electromagics has sold out. Or rather, will be selling out fast its future-supply of handmade pocket-sized electric guitar / bass / mic preamp / headphone amps! It's a mad dash to see who will be the lucky ones to be able to get the very first product from Electromagics, and who will be left with the bitter taste of regret on their lips! Pre-Order incentives include reduced price, and a mystery gift! All headphone amps come with custom art ON THE BOX, which will vary from amp to amp. The flavor of awesome may vary from piece to piece, but the potency will be uniformly deadly for the whole batch! Manifest Destiny already, and make your cubicle mates super jealous when you start busting facemelting solos or hip-slithering basslines with business casual consideration.

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